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Pay Monthly Websites was a term pioneered by us on 2007 just as stories about a credit crunch was starting to appear. Having worked through a UK recession in the past, our directors where all too familiar with what was to come. Many businesses saw this as an economic disaster, and indeed it was for many, but statistics would suggest that when thousands of people are made redundant; many will consider starting a business for themselves. To help people who are new to online business make the most of what the internet has to offer in and affordable manner, Pay Monthly Websites was born and has grown every year.

Using our expertise from building brand name, high end websites, we began working on a methodology and unique technical platform called ‘Dexter’ - that would allow our team to create static, dynamic, and e-commerce websites through a ‘pay monthly’ model. Applying the best of what we had learned working on major projects, we tailored our service for the new entrepreneur.

This unique process has come a long way since 2007 and with over 1000 websites worldwide, we are able to give businesses the ability to get a high-quality online presence up-and-running without any overwhelming costs in just a few days.

Our dynamic, creative team includes web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing experts and SEO (search engine optimisation) specialists. Over the years we have created stunning, highly functional websites for clients across the UK and the globe. Working in close conjunction with every client to ensure that their site meets and exceeds their expectations, we have built an excellent reputation as a customer focused business.

With the support of one of the UK’s leading website design agencies, your projects are designed and developed by a multi award winning team of highly experienced designers and developers, who appreciate that the online realm is changing, and that not every business can afford the hefty set up fees of bespoke websites.

To help our client’s get online as easy as possible, we have developed our processes from scratch to cater for a pay monthly website model. From design to delivery; everything has been refined to be as easy as possible for the customers and the development team. Contrary to the trend towards automated website builders, we found that customer satisfaction resides in providing a one-to-one service with regular communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Pay Monthly Websites – Pay Monthly Ltd

Pay Monthly Websites is the Trading name of Pay Monthly Ltd, specialising in Pay Monthly Websites and Pay Monthly SEO services.

Our philosophy at Pay Monthly Websites has always been to provide affordable web site design and development services to small-to-medium sized enterprises without compromising on quality and customer service. Enabling the one-man band to compete with more established businesses in a cost effective manner.

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Affordable Search Engine Optimisation.

It is true that SEO or search engine optimization is not everyone's cup of tea. It takes a proficient SEO professional to optimize a website successfully on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Many website owners opt for Pay Monthly SEO agencies for help in promoting their websites online. However, there are quite a few agencies out there that offer high-end comprehensive SEO campaigns if you have the budget for high traffic keywords. If you’re a business that likes to save money and be a bit more selective when choosing the keyword to best represent your business, then for as little £99.99 a month, you can get your business ranking for your chosen keyword in a relatively short space of time. Call us today to find our more on 0161 813 1279.

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Understanding your customers and communicating with them regularly can help you build relationships and become a respected and popular brand on one of the internet's most-visited websites. Facebook's interface makes it simple and easy for people to share or recommend your company to their friends and family, providing free advertising that potential clients are likely to trust, making your business a popular, established and authoritative figure in its sector. Having a Facebook page also helps you to actively seek out customers you may not have otherwise found, network with new businesses and find novel money-making opportunities that you wouldn't have found otherwise. You can get a Facebook Page easily by clicking here.